FasTest Quick Connectors for Leak & Pressure Testing

FasTest Inc. is the leader in leak and pressure testing quick connectors for a wide variety of manufacturing industries. FasTest uses advanced engineering to create safe, reliable connections for various tubes and threaded profiles. Learn more about the different FasTest product lines available through Air Automation Engineering below!

FE & FI Series

The FasTest "FI" Internal and "FE" External connectors provide automated, leak free connections for leak testing applications. Now with Connection Verification Technology!

TwistMate Series

FasTest’s TwistMate connectors use unique twist to connect technology to provide quick, hand tight connections to threaded ports, including NPT, JIC, ORFS and a variety of other fittings.

FasMate Series

The FasMate Series offers lever, thumb valve and pneumatically actuated quick connectors that are ideal for instant, repeatable connections to threaded ports and profiles.

60/70 Series

FasTest 60 Series and 70 Series quick connectors provide sleeve actuated, leak free connections to external threads and compression fittings. Now with SurConnect!

JNL Series

FasTest’s JNL Series are level handled connectors that seal internally up to 1,000 psi. Ideally suited for smooth, copper tubes.

JXL Series

FasTest’s JXL Series are level handled connectors that seal externally up to 1,000 psi. Ideally suited for smooth, copper tubes.

EZ Connect ZF

The EZ Connect ZF™ was specially engineered with a wide tolerance design to provide instant connections to a wide range of formed tube configurations.

EZ Connect ZN

EZ Connect ZN quick connectors deliver fast, efficient internal connections for a wide variety of low pressure, in-process manufacturing leak test applications.

LuerMate Series

FasTest’s LuerMate Series provide instant manual or pneumatic connections to male and female luers, as well as a wide variety of other medical device applications.